HuMMan v1.0: Reconstruction Subset (New!)

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HuMMan v1.0: Reconstruction Subset consists of 153 subjects and 339 sequences. Color images, masks (via matting), SMPL parameters, and camera parameters are provided. It is a challenging dataset for its collection of diverse subject appearance and expressive actions. Moreover, it unleashes the potential to benchmark reconstruction algorithms under realistic settings with commercial sensors, dynamic subjects, and computer vision-powered automatic annotations. We also provide textured meshes reconstructed using a classical pipeline from multi-view RGB-D images.

Color images:

Part 1: Aliyun or OneDrive(CN) (~81 GB)
Part 2: Aliyun or OneDrive(CN) (~73 GB)
Part 3: Aliyun or OneDrive(CN) (~84 GB)


Manually annotated for color images in the test split only: Aliyun or OneDrive(CN) (~32 MB)
Generated via matting for color images in all splits: Aliyun or OneDrive(CN) (~2.1 GB)

Depth images: coming soon!

SMPL parameters: Aliyun or OneDrive(CN) (~7.6 MB)

Camera parameters (world2cam): Aliyun or OneDrive(CN) (~1.3 MB)

Textured meshes: Aliyun or OneDrive(CN) (~22 GB)

Suggested splits: train and test.

More details and a toolbox can be found here.

Please contact Zhongang Cai ( for feedback or to add benchmarks.

Benchmark: Generalizable Animatable Avatar from Single Image

[1] Neural Human Performer: Learning Generalizable Radiance Fields for Human Performance Rendering
[2] MPS-NeRF: Generalizable 3D Human Rendering from Multiview Images
[3] SHERF: Generalizable Human NeRF from a Single Image


HuMMan is under S-Lab License v1.0.


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